3 Super-Cute Craft Projects for Summer Travels

Need a crafty way to pass the time while you wait for your summer vacation to get here?

Check out these three fun travel-themed craft projects: a travel desk for kids, a laptop case made out of a vintage suitcase for mom (and CafeMom!), and a travel pillow that's perfect for big kid booster seat sleeping.

1) Love this handmade Travel Desk for Kids from Merrilee at mer mag:

travel desk, lap desk, kids

Photo from mer mag


2) Adorable Going to Grandma's Laptop Case project from Jennifer of Naughty Secretary Club (via Craft), who also has loads of other crafty creative reuse ideas for suitcases:

laptop suitcase, vintage case

Photo from Craft

laptop suitcase, vintage suitcase

Photo from Craft

3) Buy the crochet pattern for a Seat Belt Travel Pillow that your big kid can use for booster seat sleeping from the Etsy shop Jacqui J. Crochet (a.k.a. CafeMom deedeevuu).

travel pillow, car seat

Photo from Jacqui J. Crochet

Cool huh? Is it vacation time yet? Better get crafting!

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