Locking Our Doors -- Are We Too Paranoid?

home burglaries

Photo by bwfamily

Being robbed leaves you with a feeling of violation you will never forget.

I was 15, walking home from school. I only paused at the guy in the strange, beat-up car parked down the street, but didn't really give it a second thought as I went on my way into the house to change before bicycling to work.

When I got back home a few hours later, the place had been ransacked.

Ever since then I've been paranoid about locking everything all the time -- windows, doors, cars -- even if I'm home or stepping out for a few. Well, unless it's a nice day, then I may open the windows.


A lawyer mom in Heated Debates (an awesome group, BTW, you should apply!) asked members how fastidious they are about locking their doors, and for a pretty serious topic, some of the responses made me chuckle.

Here are the highlights:

Do you lock your car doors?

No. I drive an ugly '85 Blazer. No one cares to rob it.

Do you lock your windows?

No -- There is no way in h**l anyone could get in my windows. You'd need a tall ladder and I'm pretty d**n sure the police would be called fast if anyone saw that it wasn't the apartment complex workers.

Do you lock your doors during the day when you're home?

No ... well, unless the kids are trying to be funny and lock me out.

Do you lock your doors when you are away?

Yes, because we live near a ritzy neighborhood that gets hit with theft occasionally, and I don't want our home insurance company to give us flack should something get stolen.

Do you lock your house doors when you are home at night?

Yes, and we keep a baseball bat behind the couch near the door and my husband also has a handgun, though I hope never have to use it other than for sport. Sometimes we forget to lock the sliding glass door to the fenced backyard, but someone will have to go toe-to-toe with our Dalmatian to get to that door.

Do you lock your doors while you are driving?

I lock everything all the time because I watch too much American TV!


Do you lock your doors during the day? At night? When you're home? Are we too paranoid today?

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