Ooh ... The Home Snoop in Me Just Loves This Site

Photo from Normal Room

Attic in Ireland

I love looking at other people's houses. That's why even though I'm bummed that I can't find a house to buy, I'm still happy that I can go to open houses and check out the way other people live (read: steal their design ideas). But I just found a way to snoop in homes around the world without leaving my current abode—and it's all with their permission.


On the blog Normal Room, people from around the world upload pictures of rooms in their homes and give a little bit of info about themselves. The room pictured above is an attic room in a semi-detached house in Ireland in which a couple without kids lives.

There are different rooms from all different kinds of homes—apartments, studios, houses—from around the world.

It's not only fun to see the spaces, it's a great way to get design ideas that you can actually afford.

Here are a few more rooms I "wandered into":

Photo from Normal Room

Bedroom in Poland


Photo from Normal Room

Swedish Kitchen


Photo from Normal Room

Living Room in the United States


Where do you get your design inspiration?

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