Lucite: Love It or Leave It?

lucite furniture

Photo from CB2

I always see Lucite furniture featured in magazines, and love it, but am too afraid to put it in my own home for fear of it just looking like cheap plastic furniture.


Determined to incorporate some lovely Lucite into my apartment, I really studied photographs featuring the high-end plastic.

It seems that the key is to use it sparingly. Usually, you see no more than one large piece or a few smaller ones per room. And to keep the clear pieces from disappearing into the background, be sure to use it around bright, bold colors.  

And, yes, Lucite can be very expensive if bought new, but luckily, it was huge in the 1930s during the Hollywood Regency era, and also made an appearance in the retro 80s, so be sure to check out your local flea markets and thrift shops before putting down a lot of cash for a new one.

What is your opinion on Lucite? Love it or leave it? Do you have any Lucite furniture in your home?

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