Sharpie Decor: Permanent Marker Made Pretty

I was like WOW (yes, outloud) when I saw mommybgood's post about her Sharpie Lampshade project in the Design on a Dime Moms group. I mean, this lampshade is really, really pretty!

Photo by mommybgood


"The free patterns were really helpful," says mommybgood, "especially for all of those moms like me, who are NOT artistically inclined."

mommybgood printed out the free pattern, taped it to the inside of the shade, and traced the pattern onto the shade. Then she colored it in with a Sharpie. I'm completely impressed!

And if the Sharpie lampshade project isn't large-scale enough for you, check out what one man did with just $10 worth of Sharpies. It's true. Armed only with the permanent markers, he drew the entire decor of his basement with Sharpie (moving image here).

Don't have the library of your dreams? Draw one. Grandfather clock, lovely vases, pretty half-circle window to outside. Easy. Staircase and extra wing. Sure thing! Nice, huh? 

Basement Decor ala Sharpie

(via D*S)

Got some Sharpie home decor ideas? I'm sure you have something re-marker-able to share, right?

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