A Place for Homework: Creating a Back to School Space for Kids

back to school, homework, desk

desk, kids desk, homework, school

Photo by Cafe Sheri

When my son Clyde started kindergarten last year, it was the perfect time to redo the little desk we had in the basement — a perfect Back to School workspace of his own for homework!


With kindergarten approaching, I wanted to show Clyde that schoolwork and a space for doing schoolwork is important. Secondly, he's a messy little son of a gun. I didn't want him anywhere near my desk or the dining room table (where his dad already spreads out!). He really needs a place of his own to spread out, do homework, and "organize" his school papers.

A friend who was moving left me this flip-top desk a few years back, and I was waiting for a good reason to redo it. Last summer, Clyde and I painted it black and added some new hardware. We added some school supplies: crayons, mechanical pencils, glue sticks, a notebook, and a homework folder. It's a perfect pre-computer workspace. It felt celebratory to set up this small desk for Clyde, as starting kindergarten should feel.

desk, kids desk, homework, school

Inside Clyde's desk

Our house is small, and thankfully so is the desk. I tucked it into a small space in my office where I work from home. That way, when it's homework time, we can sit near each other for when he has questions or needs help. It worked out great.

I hung a bulletin board above the desk, where we pinned up notes from his teacher and his best spelling tests, as well as photos of our family and other things he likes.

desk, kids desk, homework, school, workspace

Special notes, aced spelling tests, and photos go on the bulletin board

At the end of the school year, we had to do a super year-end clean-out, and we organized the desk again with stuff to do this summer: stickers, art supplies, easy readers, a journal, blank books, etc. Of course, it hasn't gotten as much use as I'd like this summer, but now it's all ready for Back to School and 1st grade!

Where do your kids do their homework? Do they have a special workspace?


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