Window Boxes Make Any House Look Good

Window box planters can brighten and improve even the tattiest looking house in the neighborhood.

I should know.

This is my yearly summer strategy to distract people from noticing the peeling window trim, the dingy cedar shake shingles, and the driveway thirsting for another load of gravel.

I have three simple window boxes similar to the one pictured. Because they are in party shady spots I fill them with impatiens, scaveola, petunia, and coleus.

The cool blues and pinks work very well with my house, adding a natural and cottagy accent to an already -- ahem -- extremely rustic personality.

Better Homes and Gardens has some great window planter flower and plant designs. Find the window box flower plans for sun, and window box flower plans for shade here.


You can buy inexpensive window boxes as most garden, home, and hardware stores, or if you have a handy husband you can ask him to make you one. Just google "window box designs" or check out this simple window box from Bob Villa.

Do you have window boxes? What sorts of flowers and plants do you grow in them?

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