DIY Bedside Shelf (Instead of a Table)

In place of the traditional bedside table, I love this elegant wall-mounted shelf I saw on Remodelista. Want to get this look for your bedroom?


Better Homes and Gardens has an easy step-by-step guide to build and install your very own bedside shelf. You will need:

Brackets (with keyhole anchors bored into the back faces)

Board (1-inch-x-12-inch-x-3-foot)



Tape measure


Electronic stud finder (optional)

  1. Begin by finding the location of the studs in your walls. Studs are generally placed 16 or 24 inches apart, measuring from center to center. Ideally, you will be fastening at least one bracket to a stud in the wall. 
  2. Position first bracket against the shelf bottom at desired location. To attach the shelf top, drill down into the shelf top and into the bracket, recessing the screw about 1/8 inch into the wood. Do this at the front and back. Repeat for remaining bracket. 
  3. Attach shelf to studs in wall. Drill brackets to wall studs using screws or wall anchors appropriate to the weight of your board, its contents, and the type of walls (plaster or drywall). Not sure which to use? Ask your hardware store for assistance.
  4. Install second screw. Ensure a straight shelf by using a tape measure and level for accuracy.

Do you have a bedside shelf?

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