What Kind of Sewing Machine Do You Have?

sewing machines

Old sewing machine my grandmother left me

I inherited an old, old Singer sewing machine from my grandmother. As a little girl, I would sit for hours watching her work, sewing clothes for all of us grandkids.


Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as talented as my grandmother was, and have only been able to produce covers for chair cushions. I'm learning though.

My friend, who went to school for fashion and knows all about the fine craft of sewing, says that it may be easier to learn on a newer machine through a sewing class. That may be true, but I'm stubborn. I want to be like my grandma and learn on this family heirloom.

Luvmycolliesx2 has a couple of older machines, too (1946 Singer Black Featherweight and a 1954 Singer 301) and adores them both saying their very user-friendly.

xanan says, "I have a Singer from the 50s. It is the best machine ever, it's a real worhourse and takes my abuse like a pro." 

1MaddieandMommy says, " I have a Kenmore from early 1960's, one from 1976 a Singer Serger and a Pfaff Smart 500 series.  My Pfaff has given me NO trouble and has been less tempermental (once I learned it) than any of the older machines ever were.

Lots of moms have newer machines though:

missy0136: I have a Phaff Creative Vision.  It does everything, sewing, quilting and embroidery. I've had it for a year and I love it.

MissBillie: I actually bought the Singer Futura CE-350 for the embroidery machine part, but I really have only used it twice. I just enjoy sewing with it. I really love this machine, it sews like a dream. It is so smooth, and quiet, even through the thicker fabrics.

Do you like to sew? What kind of sewing machine do you have?

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