One Mom Makes a Cool DIY Hanging Play Fort

play fort, curtain, hideout

Photo from prettyinpink2

When CafeMom prettyinpink2 saw my post the other day on the cute Ceiling Hung Play Castle from Land of Nod, she was probably like, "Been there, done that..."

She already got crafty and made her 2-year old daughter one of these cool play forts.


Here's how prettyinpink2 made her daughter's fort:

"I bought the hula hoop at the Dollar Store, along with three bunches of flowers for the top. I already had the curtains but needed some ribbon to hang it. My total cost was less than $10.

I twisted ribbon around the front to hide the hoop and made triangles to attached it to the ceiling. I used four curtain panels and cut the tops so that I could tie them around the hula hoop. Then I weaved single flower stems into the curtain ties.

My husband used wrapping paper ribbon to attach it to the ceiling just in case our daughter pulled it down. We figured it would break easily and wouldn't pull down the ceiling.

My daughter loves it!"

Now, that's a sweet fort fit for tiny royalty. Thanks for sharing, prettyinpink2.

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