Your Garage: What Do You Use it For?

garageI used to live in New York City, where it's very difficult to park a car. You can pay (a lot) to rent a space, or you can park your car on the street after driving around for hours looking for a spot—only to have to move it the next day because of street sweeping. So the thought of having my own garage seemed like heaven.


But now that I live in the country and have been looking at houses to buy, I've found out that a lot of people use their garages for everything except a place to park their car.

I saw a garage that contained a bunch of old furniture; another that had been turned into the husband's workshop; another that was a kids' playroom; one that looked like a workout room complete with gym equipment and T.V.; and another that had been converted into a guest bedroom.

Do you have a garage? What do you use it for?



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