Super Soakers: Get Kids to Help Water the Garden

super soaker, get kids to help, garden, watering

Photo from Target

My kids go nuts if you give them the hose and try to get their help watering the garden. It turns into two wet boys and gallons of water *NOT* on the plants.

Recently, we bought some Super Soakers for water play. Who knew these water toys could turn into some much-needed help for me in the garden?


The other night, while I as weeding, the kids were filling up their Super Soakers in the small kiddie pool we have and squirting each other. I asked them to take aim on some thirsty plants in our garden. And they did it! In fact, they loved having a needy target. With these air pump shooters, they could help me water from across the yard, a very cool added bonus, according to the kids.

So there's my tip. Let the kids use their water soaker toys to help out with the watering this summer. It's fun and it limits the water usage. If they can reuse water out of a play pool and keep replenishing themselves, even better!

Not into water guns? Try a non-gun-shaped water launcher like the Max Liquidator or a typical watering can. For some reason, the watering can just wasn't as enticing to my boys.

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