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Set up a list of all your favorite household products (laundry, bath, baby care, etc.), and Alice finds you best online deals, including FREE shipping and coupons.


I started online grocery shopping through when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I got sick of lugging around the cat litter, toilet paper super packs, soda and bottled water (ha! two things we don't buy anymore), bottled juices, and other heavy household purchases. Safeway delivered right into my kitchen for a small fee, which was often waived with a coupon.

Since then, Trader Joe's has moved into the neighborhood, and we shop almost exclusively there. But I do buy all my diapers and baby wipes and a few other household items in bulk online. I always get free shipping and love the front-door service.

I did a little price comparison shopping on, and it looks pretty good for those occasional online purchases. However, even with their applied coupons, the prices need to come down for me to shop there regularly. The diapers, for one thing, don't come in bulk, so the prices aren't as good as I get buying the big box through Amazon.

I really love this idea. It's SO convenient. lets you keep a list of all your needed household items, and they'll even send reminders when it's time to order again (you determine how often).

I like where you're going with this!

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  • "I just checked it out, & I think some things are way too expensive." — Crystal030508
  • "I went looking around on and it seems to me that things are much more expensive than I can get them at a local storefront. — Js_Mommy131
  • "I took a peek at it and some of the prices are higher, but it would be good for people who don't really like looking through coupons or going to the grocery store all the time." — LJsmom
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