Create a Wallpaper Wipe-Off Board

wallpaper wipe off board

Photo from Design*Sponge

I think I have a wallpaper obsession. I absolutely love using wallpaper for various crafts around the home, and I am loving this idea from Design*Sponge, a wallpaper wipe-off board!


Here's what you’ll need:
9” x 12” piece of cardboard
9” x 12” piece of wallpaper or other decorative paper
rubber cement
x-acto blade or scissors
clear contact paper
large bulldog clip
dry-erase pen

1. Apply rubber cement to the back of your wallpaper and to one side of your cardboard. Adhere the paper to the cardboard, smoothing out air bubbles as you go.

2. If desired, round the corners or cut your cardboard into a decorative shape using an x-acto blade or scissors.

3. Cut a piece of clear contact paper that is slightly larger than your cardboard, and apply over the wallpaper.

4. Trim excess contact paper using your x-acto blade or scissors.

5. Clip a large bulldog clip to the top of the cardboard and attach to the wall using a small nail. You can hang a piece of artwork from the clip and use dry-erase pens to write messages on the surface of your wipe-off board.

I like this idea so much better than using just a regular dry erase board!

Do you like this idea? Where do you write your reminders at?

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