One Easy Change that Will Organize Your Closet (And Give You More Space!)

closet organization

Photo from HSN

Change your hangers! Your closet will instantly look neater and you'll actually have more space. Check out the before and after photos, below.




Photo from the Haystack Needle


I learned this neat trick from the Haystack Needle, one of my favorite home blogs, who tried out various hangers from the Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, and HSN to see which worked best.

She ultimately decided on Joy Mangano hangers because:

1. They're slim, but good for your clothes

2. They work with all kinds of clothes, including spaghetti straps

3. They came in 20 fun colors

4. They won't break your budget ($40 for 36 hangers)

5. She got these results:


Photo from the Haystack Needle



What's your secret to keeping your closet organized?


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