Summer Project: What Are You Working On?

For a lot of people, summer is the perfect time to try and work on all those home projects that have been piling up. Caham asked the moms in the Home Decor and So Much More group what they're working on:


Kathleen70 says "Well if it ever quits raining here, I need to paint the outside trim on the house and the doors on the pole barn. I had a painter give me a quote on the house and it was just ridiculous. I guess I will do it myself. Probably take me off and on all summer. Dh is insisting that he would like to get the back patio done too."

ladydeiva says "Just finishing my project on old antique desk. Right now I'm sanding it down and later will paint it black with some red showing underneath.I also have to redo my kitchen and family room and formal living room. So there is a lot to do this summer."

Tell me what home projects you're working on this summer...

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