Decorating Idea: Album Cover Art

album art

Photo from Frame My Record

I love reusing old items in my home decor. It's not only recession-friendly, but it usually gives the room so much character!

A great way to add a little nostalgia to your room is breaking out that old record collection...and hanging it on the wall! Group a bunch together to create a music montage or frame that favorite record you used to dance to over and over again in your bedroom.

album art

Photo from Frame My Record

You can frame just the album cover or create a collage-look by adding in the actual vinyl record.

Which records would you frame? Would you try this in your home?

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damira damira

we have records framed. we have sgt peppers and another one i can't think of right now lol.

TristinU TristinU

Thanks for this wonderful idea. Just like you I recently collected all empty wine battles to decorate our house. It looks elegant by adding some shells and beads on it. It's true, we are in recession so we need to find more ways to survive. We don't need to avail instant cash loans just to make our home more elegant with expensive jars and accessories. Remember, these loans must only intended to financial emergencies.

LaurBM LaurBM

I love the idea of framing old album covers!  I work for a custom diploma frame company in Connecticut, and we frame all sorts of items, besides diplomas, including magazine covers, flags - one that stands out was an unfurled American flag which was huge,Civil War maps and artifacts, posters, even goose feathers! I also write blogs and would definitely like to pass this idea along.  One blog I had written was about shadowboxes, which is a great way to frame items.  Here's links to two of my blogs about shadowboxing:  Theatre Shadowboxes -, and  Wedding & Vacation Shadowboxes -

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