Low-Carve Pumpkin Idea: Give It a Whack!

Photo from Wondertime

Okay, I gave you 5 Pretty No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas; however, here's a neat low-carve idea that's awfully sweet and, dare I say, a little therapeutic.

It's called, get this...the Whack-o'-Lantern.


With this cool Jack o' Lantern technique, using a rubber mallet and golf tees (or a screwdriver, perhaps, for thicker rinds), you'll get a cute, well-lit pumpkin for your porch, AND you'll get to rid yourself of some of that pre-holiday stress at the same time.

I love Halloween! WHACK! I love my kids hopped up on Trick or Treats! WHACK! I love that Halloween kicks off the holiday season! WHACK!

This kind of de-stressing will surely give you a real glow this Hallow's eve.

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