Coloring Book Cards, Mommy Calling Cards: Links I Love

I may not be the most eco-friendly person by saying this, but, for me, nothing beats a real letter or note. I'm all about the thank you cards, the notecards, the recipe just adds a special touch that you don't get through e-cards or phone reminders. If you're like me, you'll love these links:


These mommy calling cards all have sweet, whimsical designs. — Cool Mom Picks

When I was a child, my mom would always write a little note on my napkin when she packed my school lunch. Now they have customizable notecards that you can place in your child's lunch to give them encouragement or a reminder during the day. — Cookie

These coloring book cards allow your kids to put their own personal touches on your greetings.  — Celeb Baby

Some craft ideas for repurposing your junk mail that include creating your own stationery (now I can be eco-friendly!). — Home & Garden Buzz

One of my favorite blogs to read, she's always posting beautiful letterpress stationery and invitations. Great place for inspiration. — Frolic!



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