The Power Shelf: Cell Phone & Tech Gadget Organizer

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Photo from Power Shelf

I think this Power Shelf organizer looks pretty awesome.

His cell, my cell, his Blackberry, I hate all our dangling gadgets and cords along the countertop. A few Power Shelves could save the day!


I'm not usually one to love funny little contraptions and organizer thingamabobs, but I kinda like the idea of this little Power Shelf gizmo. It's an electrical outlet cover with a built-in shelf that helps organize all your household tech gadgets, so you can keep them charged and their cords all neat and tidy.

There's the original Power Shelf (shown above; $14.99), a laptop Power Shelf, a baby monitor Power Shelf, a technical gadget Power Shelf, and more.

I think this could work.

What do you think of the Power Shelf? Helpful organizer or annoying clutter bug?

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