Easy, Interchangeable Photo Wall

photo wall, frames

Photo from Design*Sponge

An easy and interchangeable family photo wall, YES! This is just what I've been wanting in my home — and here's an easy way to do it.

photo wall, frames, IKEA

Photo from D*S

This is a D*S sneak peek from the home of Hable Construction textile designer Jorey Hurley and her architect husband.

Jory used a bunch of 4x6 IKEA Clips frames (right now just $1.29 for a 4-pack) and filled them with their favorite family snapshots to create this lovely photo wall. They can be easily removed and changed out.

Jorey says, "It’s an evolving portrait of our family’s life."

Love, love, love this idea. And so affordable and easy to switch out.

thrifty solutions, wall art


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rebec... rebecca_tal4

it looks REALLY great but my kids would rip it off the wall in no time!!!

do they have lil ones?? cause i'd like to know how they KEEP it on the wall!!

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

Indeed they have a toddler. Maybe she can't reach yet. :) I don't have a wall like this. I was thinking of doing it along across wall of normal height and also not floor-to-ceiling.

girl_... girl_in_the_D

how are these attached to the wall?? Looks like there is a cable system of some sort but i really cant tell

By the way i freakin love this idea and would love to incorporate this on the stairwell wall in my home:) I am a picture junky and i never have enough space for frames so this is a great idea

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

girl_in_the_D, over in the comments on D*S, Jorey writes: "The string grid doesn’t support the frames. We laid out the string grid first and then put a little nail at each intersection and hung the photos on the nails."

I've had many of these clip frames, and they hang well on a single nail.

girl_... girl_in_the_D

Thank you Sheri!! I looked but i didnt find the answer on the site LOL

I will try this in smaller version ( i dont have big walls LOL ) i love the visual of the grid but i can understand the need for the nails so that is how i will do it :)

Idoitall Idoitall

I did this same thing on the wall next to my front door.  Mine was more of a collage with some vertical pics and some horizontal.  It looked great because it was in a spot that I looked at everyday and I could keep some favorites while adding new ones.  It was really hard to keep them all straight.  Everytime the door shut or someone bumped the wall, the frames shifted. 

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