Paper Straws: Eco-Friendy and Cute

paper straws, eco-friendly, cute

Photo from Kikkerland

Thanks be to Summer over at Design Is Mine for pointing out these cute paper straws. The jury is still out on whether you can recycle plastic drinking straws, so this paper option makes me feel mighty nice.


In my opinion, there is no other way to enjoy a milkshake than with a straw. And it's summer, otherwise known as "milkshake season" in our house.

Who knows where I heard that you cannot toss plastic drinking straws into the recycle bin, but it's been haunting me. That's why I'm happy to know there's a paper option. I do know that paper is always better than plastic in terms of its biodegradability.

The Green Guru says recycling plastic straws is probably fine while Ideal Bite reminds us that "plastic never fully breaks down, so generally just try to avoid it" (they also talk up the aluminum straw and glass straw a bit...hmmm...).

For now, paper straws it is! Thanks, Summer.

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