Product Review: SKIL Isio 2-in-1 Gardening Tool

SKIL hedge trimmer, gardening toolSKIL sheers, 2-in-1, gardening tool

The nice folks over at SKIL sent me this cool Isio 2-in-1 Gardening Tool to try out in my garden — it's part lawn shears and part hedge trimmer.


When the SKIL Isio arrived, I plugged the gardening tool right in to juice up the battery. After all, I've been making do in my yard with manual hedge trimmers, and while they give me a great arm workout, they're not all that much fun. And frankly, my shrubs have been suffering because of it.

I have two identical shrubs in my front garden for, you know, landscape symmetry. Problem is, for whatever reason, one grows twice as fast as the other. It hasn't been pretty.

As far as the need for lawn shears goes, I don't talk about this too much (but shhhh, my husband always misses spots with the lawnmower, forcing me to attack them with little garden shears when he isn't looking).

In any case, I really like this 2-in-1 gardening tool. It's cordless, super lightweight, easy to use, easy to switch back and forth, and charges up in a flash. I can clean up all of my bushes and shrubs and spruce up my lawn edges and around the trees lickety split. The paperwork says the lithium-ion power battery holds charge up to 18 months, and the battery charger is ENERGY STAR qualified. Excellent news for our planet.

This darling gardening tool is going to come in handy often. Not sure how I've gotten along without one so far.

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