Tiny Houses: How Small Could You Go?

Photo by ladyluck1996

According to this article "The Next Little Thing," last month in the NYT, there's been a small house revolution brewing for over a decade. However, with the growing popularity of greener living combined with a mortgage crisis, a poor economy, and rising energy costs, is the tiny house here to stay?


Right now, buying a house for $46,997 sounds pretty good. But what about when I tell you it's just 117 square feet? Still interested? Of course, when downsizers in Calistoga, CA flaunt their $15,000 home and utilities at just $15 a month, it's hard not to get a little excited by the idea—even if their home is only 154 square feet. !!!

Plus, now you can get Queen Anne Victorian or Dutch Colonial tiny houses! Now they're talking...

There are lots of pros to small house living. Less to clean and maintain. Less to fork out every month on your mortgage, which, in turn, means less money you have to bring in. Less cost when it comes to upgrades and home decorating. However, what happens when you're growing a family? What happens when there are kids involved? And all their STUFF? How do you find any peace and quiet? Isn't there something somewhere about having a Room of One's Own?

Could you do it? Could you downsize your current home in a sincere effort to minimize your carbon footprint, save time, and/or save money every month? How small could you go? What would it take? Let's discuss below.

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