Easy Origami Necktie Father's Day Card

origami necktie, tie, Father's Day card

Photo from the Origami Club

Dad probably doesn't really want another necktie for Father's Day, but it's tradition.

Here's fun way to give him a tie he'll really never have to wear. A great easy craft for kids of all ages too!


The Origami Club offers FREE origami tutorials (with step-by-step animation if you have Flash!) — and here's how to fold up an origami necktie for Dad.

Thanks to LuminousMom in the handmade holidays group for this easy, handmade Father's Day card idea.

If you want to fold up something a littler fancier for Dad, there's an origami shirt and tie card tutorial over on Alpha Mom. Wow, you could really play with the plaids and stripes on that one. What fun!


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