Spruce Up Your Backyard for 5 Bucks


cheap outdoor lanterns

Photo from The Conran Shop

I love to dine outside in summer, but the back porch light just isn't doing much for me in the decor department. I've been totally lazy about finding something, but we're having a dinner party this weekend and I'd love to hold it outdoors, weather permitting (you hear that, rain?).


I just stumbled upon these bright paper lanterns (they hold tea lights) at the Conran Shop. They're five dollars each.

I love 'em! I'm buying three and lining them up down the center of our long farm table, which will take care of the lighting and the centerpiece. (You could also use these lanterns to line your driveway or your walkway or hang them in your garden.) My guests will be so impressed. Now I just have to figure out what to feed them.

What's your favorite way to light up your backyard for parties?

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