Vacation Out of the Question? Take a Daycation.

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Maybe a family vacation is out of the question this year. And maybe a staycation isn't filling that urge to get away. Well, why not a daycation? That means you leave after breakfast (or grab donuts on the way), have loads of fun not too far away, and return home in time to put the kids to bed.

Use your imagination. Think of all the places you can go for the day. I bet you can come up with a great daytrip for your family.


I live in a pretty great location in Northern California. In two hours or less, I can be walking in the mountains, strolling around a museum in the big city, staring out at the ocean, or riding a roller coaster. Not sure why I'm always whining there's nothing fun to do.

I'm trying to reinvent my whining into a few good daycations this summer since we won't be able to take many, or maybe any, overnight trips this year.

What about you? What's your favorite kind of daycation nearby?

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