Dirty Homes: What Grosses You Out the Most?

dirty dishes in the sink

If you ever have a CafeMom over for coffee (for real, not in Latte Land), your bathroom and kitchen better be eat-off-the-floor clean. Filth in those rooms are what many moms said they are bothered by most when they visit someone else's house.

"Skanky toilets and dirty dishes. Both gross me out," says diapermakinmama in the private Stay at Home Moms group. "My kitchen and bathroom are spotless if I have guests over. They are clean anyway, but I make sure they shine for guests."

Moms tell of more housecleaning horrors:

  • The back of sinks if they have goo on them, or hair in the bathroom and on the floors.
  • A stained run, cluttered counters, and dirty laundry visible.
  • I always notice smudged windows and mirrors, like food and sticky stuff on the glass.
  • The floors have to be clean. Carpet vacuumed and the kitchen swept. I've been visiting family, and the house makes me want to puke. Every time we leave I have to wash my daughter's feet because they are pitch black.
  • Dishes in the sink. I can't go to bed unless they are done. The smell the next day makes me sick. I have a good friend I love, but she has a nasty house for sure. I go over there and I just want to clean it, LOL!

What dirty part of another person's house skives you out the most? Do you bathe your kids the second they get home from a house that doesn't meet your standard of tidiness? I do!

Image via rachelmargaret/Flickr

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