Do You Line Dry Your Clothes?

line drying clothesI grew up in the country, and one of the many things I miss is my mom's clothes line. There's nothing like the feeling of crawling into a just-made bed of sheets dried with fresh air and sunshine.

I can still remember the smell, the feeling of drifting off to sleep on a breeze.

I don't have the room for a line now, and I must admit, the dryer is a godsend in toddlerhood.

Because it is a little extra work to hang out clothes on a line, mee2007 came up with an incentive program to get her back in the hanging mood this summer.


Now that her twins are two, she no longer has to entertain them all the time. They are old enough to play by themselves while she hangs out the laundry nearby. So, since May 1, she's been putting 10 cents in a cup every time she hangs a load out on the line, and takes 10 cents out every time she gets lazy and uses the dryer.

"At the end of the summer, I'll take my little cup of change and buy myself a treat," mee2007 says. "It may only be a few dollars, but I can always go for a nice drink from the drive-through coffee place. Plus, I'll feel like I really earned that little treat rather than feeling guilty for spending a few dollars on myself!"

Other moms in the Stretch Your Budget group are joining the program.

If you have a clothes line, do you enjoy the task? Would you hang out your clothes if you could?

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