Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas Book

wallpaper project book

Photo from Barnes & Noble

My favorite uses for wallpaper actually don't even involve walls. I've been known to frame it, decorate bulletin boards with it, and line shelves and drawers.


So when my friend recommended me this book, I squeeled with delight. Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art (list price: $22.95) is simply music to my ears. 50 projects...that'll definitely keep me craft-happy for a long, long time!

Design experts Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith (co-owners of the adorable  Curiosity Shoppe in the SF Bay Area, as well as avid bloggers) share photographs of stylish interiors, foolproof instructions, shopping resources, and craft ideas. The book's jacket even features a fabulous pattern with just enough paper to complete one of the book's smaller crafts.

Definitely want to get my hands on this book! Do you like using wallpaper for things other than your walls? What are some projects you've used wallpaper for?


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