Financial Confessions, Money-Saving Ideas: Links I Love


Photo by shaylas_mama

Finances may quite possibly be my least favorite thing...ever. I'm so over this bad economy scenario! Even though I hate finance, these links make them bearable:


Thank goodness I'm not the only one! Read these moms' financial confessions. — Cookie

Having a child apparently means you make less money. What?!?! — Momversation

We've all done it. Spent a little too much $ on nights out with friends. Check out these tips for coping with social spending situations. — Yahoo! Shine

These tips will help you teach your kids the value of a dollar. — Cookie

Money-saving ideas from past generations. Be inspired by what your grandmother did to save a little extra cash. — Woman's Day

Use this website to help manage your budget...and did I mention it's free? — Mint

Loads of posts about surviving in this recession. — Daily Buzz Recession Guide

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