Favorite Spot in Your Home? Where & Why?

Photo by Cafe Sheri

Over on Simple Mom, this week's Q & A question is Where is your Favorite Spot in your Home and Why?


I love this question. So I got to thinking, and it didn't take me too long to decide that, for me, it's right here in my office, from where I'm typing to you right now.

Since I work at home, I have my very own office. That's not to say it isn't strewn with toys and kid shoes—because it is. My office is in the sunroom of our house, which looks out on our tiny backyard where we get lots of backyardy birds and, on occasion, something more exciting like a small hawk. It's also where I work and write and dream and drink my daily pot of tea (usually at Leo's naptime!). It's the room where all my books and many of my favorite things are. It's where the cats sleep all day and where the sun streams so lovely through the windows every morning. I love to watch the boys play out back while I tap away on my laptop. Once I get my garden in order, my favorite spot will only get better.

What's your favorite place in your home? And why? Leave your answer and a photo, if you have one, under Discuss This. I can't wait to see your favorite spots!

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