HGTV's Handyman Anthony Gilardi: Ask Him Your Home Repair Questions

Anthony Gilardi

Today, I'm thrilled to bring you these simple "fix-it" tips for your home from handsome handyman Anthony Gilardi of HGTV's Myles of Style.

Right here on CafeMom, Mr. Gilardi is delivering up lots of real, applicable tips that Moms can employ at home when necessary. These are easy fixes you can try before you call a professional.

And that's not all. Mr. Gilardi will be taking your home repair questions over the next four weeks.

What will you ask Anthony Gilardi? CafeMoms, this is your chance.


"M" is for the Many times you were there for me.
"O" is for the Only one that will love me unconditionally.
"M" is for the Man that you helped me become.

Anthony Gilardi from HGTV's "Myles of Style" here for you, CafeMoms! For all the times my Mom was there for me, the least I could do for all Moms is be there for them.
I've seen with my own eyes what miracles a mother can pull off. However, there may be some things around the house that do not fall under the umbrella of the amazing "woman's intuition."

You need home repair tips? I have them.

You have home repair questions? I have answers.

Here are some common household questions that may come up, and some tips that every homeowner needs:

Q: What do I do when I have a Broken Light Bulb inside light fixture?
A: Use a wooden broomstick and rubber gloves to remove. Simply and carefully insert the tip of the broomstick into the broken light socket and turn counterclockwise. If the socket is too small or too big for a broomstick, you can use a raw potato. That's correct, using the same techniques, a raw potato.

Q: Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) not working properly?
A: It's usually due to improper upkeep; before you call a service man, replace the filter at the intake vent (the intake vent will be the larger vent that doesn't blow air). You should do this every two months or so. Also, make sure nothing is covering any outtake (blowing) vents.

Q: HVAC not working at all?
A: Before drawing the conclusion that the whole unit is broken and you're going to pay big money to replace it, first check the kill switch. Most of the time there is a kill switch located in your attic, basement, or utility room that looks like a light switch. Make sure it accidentally didn't get turned off. Secondly, check the thermostat. Sometimes with a power surge or temporary black out, most new, complicated, thermostats need to be reset.

Q: Frayed Carpeting?
A: Before you replace the entire carpet, you can temporally fix the spot by applying super glue directly on the frayed area. Trim excess carpet first and wear gloves.

Q: Sink Disposal clog?
A: FIRST UNPLUG DISPOSAL under sink. Never put your hand in the disposal. Then, locate the small valve mid-bottom of the disposal. With a Allen wrench turn counterclockwise until clog is loosened completely. Disposals usually come with the proper size Allen wrench. If not, you should own a set, If you don't, make it a point to purchase a standard Allen wrench set for the house.

Q: Screen Doors not sliding properly?
A: First, clean out track, then use some "spray grease" on the wheals, any ball bearings, and the top and bottom track.

Some Quick Tips Every Homeowner Should Know:

  • Always know where your Electrical Panel is located.
  • Always know where your Water Main shut off is located.
  • Make sure you have two means of egress (escape) from every room (doors, windows, etc).
  • Have WORKING smoke detectors in proper locations (hallways, bedrooms, etc).
  • Have fire extinguishers handy in proper areas (kitchen, garage, etc).

Mr. Gilardi will be answering some of your home repair questions right here in CafeMom's Home & Garden Buzz over the next four weeks.

Have a home fix-it question for Anthony Gilardi? Leave it in feedback below.

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