Chore Boards, "Porn for New Moms": Links I Love

Photo by JayGirlsMom

I'm not a slob, but I'm by no means a neat freak, and I find myself making bargains for the different household chores with my SO, "I'll clean ALL the windows if you please, please, clean the toilet!" Here are some links I love that might help you get through those awful household chores.


It's Mom vs. Dad in "who will change the poopy diaper?" Which parent gets the short end of the chore stick in your household?  — Momversation

It's like pulling teeth trying to get kids to do their chores (except for JayGirlsMom's baby helping her momma out in the pic, so sweet!). Check out this chore board that is disguised as a board game. — Cool Mom Picks

If you could eliminate just one toddler chore...which would it be (just one?)? Take the poll! — Toddler Buzz

Porn for New Moms is a book filled with photographs of hunky men doing things that every woman craves...household chores! —

Five "man chores" that will get him to do housework.  — Yahoo! Shine

What chores do you hate doing?


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