Mini Cribs for Small Spaces

If you're tight on space, there are some space-saving options even for big furniture pieces like cribs. Mini cribs are great for small spaces and, in my opinion, super cute! A mini for your mini!


Moms have discussed the pros and cons of mini cribs in the Advice For Moms group. Here's what some of them had to say:

Amey0785: If my DD wasn't about to graduate from her crib, I would definitely get a mini crib. However, I am iffy about the wheels on it. I would take those off.

sckeen: Had one, loved was great for when your little one is a newborn...but they grow out of them fast.

minimom11107: I was looking at them, but then I thought about how hard it would be to buy bedding and bumper pads to fit it so I decided to pay a little more for a regular-sized crib.

All very good points. This particular one from Da Vinci ($199) can be adjusted to four different levels to adhere to your growing baby, and can also be converted into a twin-size bed for when your little one is ready to transition. However, not all of them adjust so be sure to look at the recommended ages for the mini crib you're interested in. Some are only recommended for up to 12 months (so you'd either have to buy another crib or hope that your child has a really early transition to the "big kid" bed) and others go up to four years.

What do you think of the mini cribs? Would you get one?

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