At Home with hula seventy: Nesting & Nurturing

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In the final Nesting & Nurturing guest post in the series, I'm so happy to welcome one of my favorite bloggers.

Today, Andrea Jenkins of hula seventy shows us a few bits of inspiration from her lovely home and shares a long list of "tiny stories" about what home means to her.



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Andrea, what does home mean to you?

I am at home in my home. As simple as that sounds, I think that's what it all comes down to. Indeed, home is where you hang your hat but also where you hang your child's paintings. It's where you stack your favorite books, where you make the beds day after day (or not) and sometimes eat pancakes for supper. It's where you hang pretty things on the wall, carefully arrange odd collections, plant little flowers and faithfully track their progress. It's where you fling open the kitchen window at the first sight of spring, where you have a thousand stupid little arguments. This is the place where legendary blanket forts are built, where everything from spelling tests to birthdays to major life milestones are celebrated. It's also the soft place you land when the world has smacked you down. And let's face it, it's really the only place you want to be when you're sick.

I want our home to be a place that is familiar and comfortable but also colorful, personal and fully alive. And while I do want the spaces we inhabit to look and feel a certain way, I believe home ultimately transcends these things. This is the stuff that roots are made of — invisible tendrils that grow slowly, daily just beneath the surface before expanding and spiraling deep into place. Home is in the everyday, it's in the way our personal stories unfold inside these spaces. It's also what stays with us, no matter where we are in the world.


About Andrea Jenkins:

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Andrea Jenkins is a photographer, writer and occasional modern dance teacher living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two kids. You can find more of her work over at hula seventy.

"This is the stuff that roots are made of..." Yes, precisely, Andrea. This is exactly the truth I wanted to capture in the Nesting & Nurturing series. Thank you to all the contributing mamas for their lovely words and bits of homey inspiration.

See Andrea's home tour for CafeMom if you missed it, and catch her pretty contributions over on poppytalk.

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