Gorgeous Vases at a Great Price

eco-friendly vases, inexpensive hostess gift

Photo from Jillable

I'm on a big-time budget this summer. Still, I don't want to show up empty-handed when I stay at my friend's beach house for the weekend. I've been searching for the perfect hostess gift (at a perfect price) and I think I've finally found it.


Say it With Vases (pictured) are actually recyclable plastic bags with great designs that stand up when filled with water. Each vase can be used over and over again just like a regular vase, but it's much easier to transport when you're bringing someone flowers (it folds flat).

Add some flowers from your garden and you've got a unique, lovely hostess gift.

The vases come in six pretty patterns and cost $8 each at Jillable.com; shipping is free.

What's your favorite summer hostess gift?

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