At Home with CafeMom caham: Nesting & Nurturing

victorian house

New paint colors were chosen to show off the Victorian home's details

In today's Nesting & Nurturing guest post—we check out the 1896 Victorian home of CafeMom caham, owner of the Home Decor and So Much More! group. This design-loving mom shares how she has created a modern home life within those historical walls.

street light

Original street light from town was purchased and added to front


Electric fireplace was added with a salvaged wooden mantle

nightstand, budget decorating

Nightstand in master bedroom, a room done on a very strict budget

caham, what does home mean to you?

Cozy, comfortable, safe, enjoyable: these are just a few of the things that pop into my head when I think about home. I truly think that everyone's home should reflect a little of who they are. I live in an old 1896 Queen Anne Victorian home in a small Midwestern town. Although my home is old and still contains a lot of its original character (which I would never think to change), it also is decorated in my modern day flair, which reflects who I am. When someone comes into my home, I want them to feel comfortable, like they can kick their shoes off and stay awhile. I don't want anyone to feel like my house is a museum and that they are afraid to touch anything—besides, that is virtually impossible since I have two kids!!

Having mentioned the age of my home, I do have a somewhat love-hate relationship with my home too. There are many things I love about my home, the amount of square footage, the character and charm of original woodwork, stained glass, and pocket doors, modern kitchen, and bathrooms, and my haven—my master bedroom. There are many things I dislike about my home too: the square footage (I don't have a cleaning lady so it is all left up to me), the 80+ original DRAFTY windows, and the lack of energy efficiency which means high utility bills.

I think it is very important that a person's home truly reflect their personality, and feel comfortable to them. I am not the type of person who buys into themes while decorating but rather finds an inspiration piece to decorate an entire room around. This could be something as simple as a painting, rug, fabric, or something that seemingly has no purpose. As long as you love it, that is all that matters!  


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caham (a combination of her first, middle, and last name) is the group owner of Home Decor and So Much More! She has a great love for decorating, loves a bargain, and her head is always swimming with ideas. caham has a wonderful husband of ten years and two beautiful children. She loves decorating/design, anything crafty (she has her own hair bow business called My Sweet Baby Jane), exercising, and shopping.

caham, the art of decorating around an "inspiration piece" is so key to making a home you love. So many people decorate in a color or theme and buy meaningless pieces that match. It doesn't make for meaningful, long-lasting decor.

The final Nesting & Nurturing guest post will be up tomorrow (sob!)...Stay tuned!

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