What Makes Your Home Unique?

Photo by hugorose

When I was apartment-hunting, finding a space that had character was always important to me. My first apartment in New York was so bland that after I got over the initial excitement of the move, I got very bored with living there. Thankfully, I've since moved into a place that has a much more interesting layout and architecture! 


Lots of moms have beautiful homes, whether it's the architecture of the house or the fantastic decorating they do on the inside. Campeno asked the question "What makes your house unique?" in the Home Decor and So Much More group. Here are what some mamas had to say:

Kathleen70: What I think makes mine unique is the front porch.  The front of it is all hand cut stone right off the property with a beautiful star design right in the middle.  My next door neighbor who has lived in the area his whole life remembers when they did it and watched the men when he was a kid.

JasonsMom2007: We have a HUGE deck with a beautiful view. I love that we can see the Fourth of July fireworks from our deck since they are less than 1/2 mile from our home. We have high open celings. But my absolute favorite room in our house is our loft. It serves as our office with a sewing nook off of it and from here I can easily see any kids that may be playing in my living room. It is so nice and open!

Jazzdoll: Our house was custom built in 1979. What makes it most unique is the "stair-step" design that maximizes the view of Mt. St. Helens from numerous rooms in the house, and also the very open and modern floorplan (almost unheard of in the 70s). 

inmybizz: I think what makes my house unique or different for this area is it's three stories and built into the side of a rock wall. On the inside we used a lot of natural Texas stone, my house is about 90% stone from flooring, entire staircase, countertops, and so on. I also like the fact that I have a waterfall/koi pond in the front of my house when usually the water feature is in the backyard.  

These homes sound lovely! What makes your home unqiue?

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