Chalkboard Paint: Would You Try It?

chalkboard paint

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It may be summertime but that doesn't mean the chalkboards should disappear! They may be key in classrooms but chalkboard paint can be useful around the home, whether it be for message boards ("Honey, don't forget to pick up the kids from soccer practice!") or a canvas for your little artist.

Chalkboard paint is an easily cleaned water-based paint that will adhere to many surfaces which allows you to create a chalkboard basically anywhere you want, though smooth surfaces work best.

  • Make sure you clean the surface before hand.
  • Outline a boundary using paint tape to create a crisp border.
  • Use primer first, especially if the surface is porous or you are starting with bare wood.
  • Paint chalkboard paint on evenly with a good quality bristle or sponge brush.
  • You may need to apply several coats. It is best to wait 24 hours before recoating.
  • Be sure the paint is entirely dry before applying the chalk artwork.
  • You can find chalkboard paint at most home improvement stores and you can now even buy it in different colors.

    Do you like the idea of chalkboard paint? What kind of use would you get out of it?

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    mikey... mikeyjavimami21

    When I buy a home I plan to use chalkboard paint, I think it is an awesome Idea for memo boards that you can really customize (I am thinking an awesome frame around the area that gets painted) or for kids to draw without having to mess up the driveway!

    auror... aurorabunny

    My DH bought a big board from Home Depot a over a year ago and used the chalkboard paint on it, it's hung in my son's playroom and it works perfectly.

    1stti... 1sttimemommy198

    Me and DH have discussed this and I have every intention on putting it in our playroom when we buy a house. We are looking into buying my dads house and there is a huge family room area in the basement that we won't use for anything else. So we are going to make it a play room for our kids and I want to put that down there. I will have to buy a board and paint that though, because the walls are textured, not smooth.

    toria... toriandgrace

    I intend to put it in a playroom when we buy a house.

    MomIWant MomIWant

    We did our son's closet doors in chalkboard and whiteboard paint - they work perfectly! 

    jeana jeana

    i've had some sitting in my cabinet for a year now, i keep thinking i need to use it somwhere, just haven't got around to it......maybe this weekend!

    sunmo... sunmoonstars

    I LOVE my chalkboard pain in the entry hall.  One wall was large, bare, and since we walk through there, I couldn't even hang pics in that skinny space!  I painted a HUGE chalkboard, and outlined it with wallpaper border that makes it look like a giant frame.  Everyone who sees it LOVES it.  I did 4 coats but it barely made a dent in the pint I bought, so I saved it.  It looks like it will need another coat though, since it gets such heavy use :)

    Lumin... LuminousMom

    One really cool place to use it if you have painted kitchen cabinets is on the INSIDE of the cabinet... then write down some of your favorite recipes, or "stand by's" like a pancake recipe or something.. its really cute and handy.

    Aidan... Aidans_Mom915

    DH and I bought some to use in our kids playroom - now it's just a matter of deciding where to put it! 

    I do like the one PP's idea about the entry way; we have a space that's nect to the door that we can't put any pics there because they'd fall off when you open the door so it'd be perfect for a little messgae board that you see as you're leaving :-)

    south... southernlamom

    I would love to do this also!! :) But because I am not keen on the permanance of it at the moment, I simply make a portable chalk clot MAT out of chalk cloth! :) Its portable, folds or rolls up and travels! :)

    I'd like to try a little bit of the paint perhaps on some wood that I could attach to the wall then i coudl take itoff when the time comes :)

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