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In today's Nesting & Nurturing guest post—we take a peek at one mom's garden.

Today CafeMom auroragold, owner of the Green Thumb Society group, shares what creating her home and building her garden has meant.


New path and flower bed started by the "lasagna method" in 2005


The garden in late April 2009

auroragold, what does home mean to you?

"Home" is not at all what I anticipated when I was young and single; it's better! It's not always neat... well, okay, NEVER neat... but it's clean and filled with love, laughter, and learning. My home will never make the cover of House & Garden (unless it's the "before" shot), but I can't think of one thing that I'd change.

"Home" is the haven we've created for our family; a respite from the chaos that sometimes exists in the world; the place where we can just "be." It's where we can discuss and debate the harsh realities of life yet still respect and love each other when we disagree. It's the place where no question is off-limits and all answers are truthful.

I may not be on the tropical island I dream about or in a million dollar home with all the amenities one could want, but what I have, I helped to create. From the flowers and the weeds to the works in progress to the projects not yet started, "home" is something I've MADE from just a house and a yard. "Home" is my corner of paradise.


About auroragold:

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auroragold is mom to one brilliant 7-year old girl child and wife to a tolerant man with a healthy sense of humor. She traded in her corporate America, briefcase-toting, airplane-traveling lifestyle for homeschooling, homemaking, small town politics, and digging in the dirt (pretending that it's gardening). In her spare time, she hangs out on CafeMom in her group Green Thumb Society.

Oh, auroragold, it's a wonderful feeling knowing that we took part in creating the homes that we have, imperfections and all. I know that means the world to me.

The final Nesting & Nurturing guest posts coming next week...Stay tuned!

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