Where do You Stash Your Mess?

Photo by my2luvbugs

Company's unexpectedly coming over. The house is a mess. Crap.

I usually throw all the odds and ends into a closet and pray that the door doesn't fly open and everything comes tumbling out during mid-conversation.
Bmat says: The thing to do is to grab up as much as you can, toss it into the closet as you drag your vacuum cleaner out as well as a dust cloth. Then let your guests in and tell them that they caught you just as you were starting to clean- it will be the truth. A friend said that she kept her blinds drawn because letting a lot of light in showed the dust too much. I've also heard of keeping the vacuum cleaner out and using it to set magazines and coffee cups on, or even laundry. * wink *
P.S. I love my2luvbug's picture! Look where someone decided to stash himself!
Where do you stash your mess? Or do you just let it be...I mean, hey, they're the ones coming over unexpectedly, what they see is what they get!
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