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It's time for another Nesting & Nurturing guest post—pretty sharings and pretty photos from the home life of another creative mama.

Today Suzanne Hopkins, creative mama behind the blog S.HOPtalk talks what home means to her.

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Suzanne, what does home mean to you?

Home, for me, is being surrounded by the people and things I love.

Thanks to my mom, I grew up in a cozy home filled with well-lived and well-loved pieces. Some are unforgettable, like my great grandmother's wicker table and chairs that were handed down to my mom. Other special pieces were thoughtfully collected and added to our home over time. My favorites were those culled from thrift stores, antique fairs, and weekend yard sales. I loved tagging along with my mom on these excursions and looked forward to the stories she'd weave into each of her finds—some recalled a favorite memory, others reminded her of a special place or item from her childhood.

These experiences shaped my sense of home and inspired my own appreciation for pieces with character and history. That's why home, for me, is the tiny blue and white tea cup that was passed down to me through three generations. It's a favorite $2 thrift store find filled with fresh blooms clipped from our garden, and it's my daughter's favorite, favorite story~Peter Pan~and the growing collection of vintage books it inspired. It's these treasures, and the stories they tell, that fill our home with personality and soul and make it a home we truly love.

About Suzanne Hopkins:

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Suzanne Hopkins lives in Northern California with her husband and 8-year-old daughter. In her "spare time," she works from home as a marketing communications consultant and hangs out on her blog S.HOPtalk, where she chats about the many things that inspire her, including: family, indie artists, photography, home projects, and...her latest vintage finds.

Thank you, Suzanne. I also love being surrounded by historic pretties while growing my own family history. It feels good.

More Nesting & Nurturing guest posts coming...Stay tuned!

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