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Windows at Cafe Elizabeth's

Another fun Nesting & Nurturing guest post! We're winding the series down (although it will spill into June a little), so I hope you'll stop and enjoy each wondrous post.

Today CafeMom's very own Cafe Elizabeth shares about her home.


A bathtub big enough for three boys

Elizabeth, what does home mean to you?

Our home is a haven from the constant Go, Go, Go of New York City. It's where we watch screaming firetrucks race down the street, where we snuggle and say goodnight, and where we stumble around looking for a cup of tea in the morning. We face west, and our view is virtually unobstructed, leaving us with amazing light all day long. This is a rarity for NY City living. The fifth floor walk-up loft started as my husband's bachelor pad 16 years ago and is now filled to the brim with our family. I don't ever want to move.

About Cafe Elizabeth:








Between her husband, three sons, and their dog, Cafe Elizabeth is outnumbered by boys in her family. And she LOVES it! She shares, "When I squeezed into a pre-pregnancy skirt to come to work today, my almost-five-year-old said, 'Mommy, you look so pretty—it looks like you're going to a wedding!' I almost cried."

Cafe Elizabeth works here at CafeMom and loves getting feedback about how to make CafeMom groups even better. Add her as a friend and share your ideas with her.

Yes, Elizabeth, home should be a haven. Yes, yes, yes...

More Nesting & Nurturing guest posts late next week...Stay tuned!

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