Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

sleeping with dogs

Photo by ButtrflyTattoos

Remember Jack, the scruffy family mutt on the television show Little House on the Prairie? Now that was a dog.

Jack walked behind the family's wagon, not inside it. That luxury was reserved for humans.

Jack slept outside most nights, except during blizzards, tornados, or wolf attacks, when he was allowed inside to curl up by the fire.

Jack worked. He protected the livestock and watched the house.

Jack ate scraps, if there were any. Charles would never have dreamed of spending his hard earned pennies for special canine food.


This is pretty much how dogs in my house were raised growing up, too, with the line between human an animal very clearly drawn. They stayed outside during the day (if it rained, they found a tree), inside at night but only in the kitchen, and they ate dog food (never people food).

My family would have never, ever considered letting a dog sleep anywhere near our (gasp!) beds. But everyone's dog-rearing philosophy is different. What's yours?


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Do you treat your dog like a person? Does he have restrictions, free reign, human privileges?

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