Do You Grow Your Own Herbs Indoors?


Whenever I get sad that we don't have a place for a garden at the apartment that we're renting, I cheer myself up by looking at my happy little herb plants all in a row! I love having fresh herbs as house plants because they're fragrant, sometimes sprout pretty flowers, and great to use when cooking.

Growing herbs indoors is one of the easiest things to do, as long as you have a room that gets a lot of light. I've had great luck with rosemary, oregano, sage, and basil. Cilantro and thyme? Not so much. This year I'm going to try mint, chives, and lavender.

Here's how I do it:

1. At the beginning of each summer, I buy fresh herb plants from the farmers market. Be sure to inspect the leaves and stems for bugs—the last thing you need is to infest your other house plants with pests. Also make sure the pots have holes in the bottom so the water can drain out.

2. Put plants in a room where they can get plenty of light. Most herbs need about 6 hours of direct light per day; although some like rosemary and parsley can make do with partial shade. Every few days, turn herbs so they get even light.

3. Water herbs with room temperature water when the surface soil starts to dry out. You can also mist the herbs occasionally.

4. If the herbs get really big—re-pot in a larger pot with good quality soil. We've often had to do this with Basily, I mean our basil plant, which tends to get huge.

5. Harvest herbs and use with cooking! Ideally, your cutting should be 3-5 inches in length; cut just below the node.

And just a tip I had to learn the hard way: Don't name your herb plants. When it comes time to harvest and eat little Basily, Rose, and Or-e-GAN-o (long o's), you may have a hard time parting with them.

Do you grow herbs indoors?

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lovin... lovinallofthem

sorry, i giggled.. i was in a totally different train of thought when i read the title! LOL!

i am NO good at growin things... so now, i dont grow my own  :)  i can barely handle the kids..

RanaA... RanaAurora

I threw some parsley and chive seeds in my long window box (inside the kitchen window), along side my pregnant onion.  They're sprouting, doing good, and I really haven't done anything else other than water them occasionally.  I'll repot them if they get too big, and I also have an old gas grilled-turned two-level planter in the backyard that I'm going to put some more herbs in this year.

scien... science_spot

I have been trying to get some started from seeds but they dont grow!!!  i am going to try one full size plant from the store and see if it does better.

Homes... Homeschoolmom99

Thank you for the advise! We just killed one basil plant! His name was shark the 1st and now we have shark the 2nd!

emslala emslala

No, but I want to... Why don't I?
1) I have a black thumb. I have killed 3 cactuses. Jeez...
2) 5 cats + houseplants = bad juju
And unfortunately, I can't grow them outside either, because it is too f-ing hot. Ah, the joys of living in Central Texas!  ;)

Cafe Kim Cafe Kim

emslala, I JUST killed a cactus myself! I didn't think it was possible. I repoted her last and three days later she jumped ship. I think I may have used soil that was too moist. Poor little, Spike!

guita... guitarlove

I used to do this.. but now my roomate has a cat who kills plants :(

shabb... shabby.chic

Great tips! I'm lucky enough to have a great outdoor garden.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Okay, I killed the fake bamboo that you put in a vase with water and pretty rocks.  Seriously, how hard is it to remember to keep the vase full?  *sigh*
But really, there are certain plants that even idiots like me can grow easily.  If you want something OUTside, tulips, crocus, mums and especially pansies are easy, require practically NOTHING from you, and look pretty.

Janieann Janieann

I recieved a chia herb garden for Christmas and it grew wonderfully.  It needs lots of sunlight, it has to be in a south facing window.  Also I used a cut off coke bottle to cover the seedlings instead of a bag and they all sprouted.  I purchased extra pots and planted all the seeds that came in the package.  They all grew and now I am just days away from planting them outside.   The seedlings planted in potting soil did better than the ones in the chia sponge, but I couldn't have done it without the instructional booklet that it came with.  The booklet proved to be invaluable to me as I knew nothing about plants, much less starting a garden.  It actually inspired me to plant other things and now I have a little garden. 

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