Vintage & Vintage-Inspired Design: A Good Mix

Handpainted Tray from My Great Grandma

True vintage wares or even new vintage-inspired decor items can bring a splash of the past and a bit of clever style into any home. Mix and match the old and the old-looking new to get a lovely, timeless feel in your home.


In our family, we hang onto old things. My two Great Aunts hung onto to so many adorable goodies over the years that when they passed away, their things were able to find joyful homes in at least a dozen of my family member's homes.

New Modern Version of the Apron-Front Sink

I have several handpainted trays and canisters from my Great Grandma. Some of them are chipped and worn, which only makes me love them all the more. These trays and various other not-so-gently-used items help create the cozy, creative, and worn-in atmosphere I want my home to have. After all, we live here. We use our pretty things. That's the "look" I want to give off.

At the same time these pieces, combined with our 1920s home, have inspired a love for decor from this period. So when we redid our kitchen, I found an older style apron-front sink through Home Depot that fits in perfectly. I find a good mix of old and new-looking old works well for our home.

How to Mix Vintage & Vintage-Inspired:

  1. Start with family heirlooms. They won't cost you anything!
  2. Find a few choice vintage items. These might cost you.
  3. Mix in new old-looking pieces you find. Find deals wherever you can, and use your items to give them some real wear and tear.

AnnaVictoria is trying to find 1880s-inspired home decor for her parents new home, built in 1888. The CafeMoms in the thread suggest eBay, Craigslist, antique stores, auctions, flea markets, thrift stores, and garage or yard sales. I might add that estate sales for good deals on vintage items.

Do you mix vintage and vintage-inspired pieces in your home? Where do you find your  best deals?

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