The Family Pet, Funny Cats, & Furry Charity: Links I Love


Photo from Lolcats

Pet doors may seem like a good idea, but they can be dangerous. — Parent Dish

When kids get older, the pet responsibility often goes to them. But who should be taking care of the family pet? Parent or child? — Lil Sugar

Have an old blanket or towel you're throwing out? Animal shelters need donations -- and this could help a furry friend. — Ideal Bite


It's always nice to give to others if you can. And charities for animals need love, too. — Humane Society

Pretend you are a cat. Now you are a talking cat. Want to laugh? I can haz cheezeburger often "sayz" exactly what you're thinking. — Lolcats

Decorating with your pet in mind? — Apartment Therapy

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