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Six a.m. light and dreamcatcher

Another wonderful guest post to add to the Nesting & Nurturing series. This one's going to knock your socks off.

Today we welcome Meredith Winn, writer, photographer, and mama behind the blog the~spirit~of~the~river.

Meredith, what does home mean to you?

Six a.m. light is barely light at all. It bounces through the curtains and swirls through the dreamcatcher. I wonder what he’s dreaming about, with his arm thrown across his eyes, lost in the deep end of an REM pool. ”It was just a dream, momma,” he assures himself, matter of factly in that all-knowing four-year oldness he possesses. Dreams dance around me, the room is dim, and I step over Lego creations and stranded Hot Wheels in need of transmissions. I make my way to the kitchen. Early mornings are mine and mine alone.

Home is the place we leave and come back to again and again. Fifteen steps up, a key in the lock, a flick of a light switch. Home is the soft couch to fall into after a full day at work and a long day at school. Home is a place of creation, where we come to be ourselves. Where we come to find ourselves.  Home is the place where we come to be.

Thrifted Hot Wheels

Home is a shelf of good books, a purring cat, and the clinking of ice in glasses. Home is music in the kitchen and fresh flowers on the table. Home is home no matter where you live. My home is a treehouse, a vaulted ceiling with a family of birds outside on the balcony. My home is my own.


River's bookshelf

About Meredith Winn:

Meredith Winn is a writer, photographer, and single mother to an amazing four-year old boy. She lives in Austin, Texas, yet finds herself dreaming of the coast. Meredith muses on her blog: the~spirit~of~the~river and shares her passion for photography at Meredith Winn Photography.

Thanks so much for sharing a few of the stories from your home, Meredith. I am still mesmerized. I am also inspired to sit still with my own stories of home too.

Be back tomorrow with more Nesting & Nurturing guest posts...

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maine... mainemomma-k

beautiful post. " home is the place where we come to be" . so true, i like that a lot.

MomIWant MomIWant

Great posts - her description of home is soooo perfect.  Beautiful!

nonmember avatar Indigo

Beautiful hon. I've always believed home is wherever the heart is. (Hugs)Indigo

nonmember avatar Eren

A wonderful interview with one of my fave photographers. Love this glimpse into Meredith's "home". So much to think about here this morning.

Pictu... PictureThisMom

you are just the best meredith. i love this.

nonmember avatar Lorna Thompson

Just realized I had a relative who was so talented .What I have seen are beautiful!!

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