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Hope you're enjoying the Nesting & Nurturing guest post series. It's still blowing my mind a little.

Today CafeMom carrie_grace talks to us about home.

work table

New DIY work table, constructed with two bookcases and an unused door

Carrie, what does home mean to you?

Home is so many things to me. Being a stay-at-home mom, it is my workplace, where I raise my daughter and watch her grow. On top of mothering my little one, home has also become the place where I am growing my small business, squeezing in time to craft and sew in between reading stories and kissing boo boos better.

My home is very special to me, I married my husband here...we are growing our family's where we have celebrated most of the events in our lives. I love my home. Visually it is ever changing because I like projects. We live in a 1950s ranch that my husband's grandfather built, so for generations, it has been the heart of his and now our family. Above all else, I want my home to reflect that. I want it to be warm and welcoming to everyone who shares in it. I like clean lines, but like my personality, it is very eclectic in style. It is filled with old and new pieces, which somehow fit together and relate to one another even though they are very different, very much like our family.

About carrie_grace:

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carrie_grace is the owner/creator of CafeMom's handmade holidays group, a wonderful group full of some very crafty and inspiring ladies! It's a great resource for handmade crafts and gifts for just about every holiday and event, and moms of all skill levels are welcome! Carrie is super crafty and spends most of her free time crafting, sewing, etc. She is mother to one vivacious almost-two-year old and married to the love of her life. You can also find carrie_grace on her blog: hallathome and check out her crafts and handmade gifts in her Etsy shop: LilyandLOU.

Love your description of your history- and memory-filled home, Carrie. Sounds wonderful.

Come back tomorrow, friends, for some more Nesting & Nurturing...

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carri... carrie_grace

Small correction, my daughter lily is almost 2...

Thanks again Cafe Sheri for featuring me!!!

I love your blog!

MomIWant MomIWant

I love the phrase "growing my family" - what a great way to describe home.

nonmember avatar Tara

"so for generations, it has been the heart of his and now our family."

Nicely said!!!

tess-... tess-n-co

what a beautiful desription of home. i love your dining room carrie. what a beautiful place to share the stories of your day with the people you love.

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

Fixed your daughter's age, Carrie. Sorry about that. :)


We love you, Carrie! You're so creative! :) What a beautiful home!

jessi... jessica102883

wow carrie. that is all well said. i like the idea of growing your family in it. and i love your dining room. very awesome!

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